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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The It Girl

Smooth and sleek, made of luxuriously
soft faux leather with an exposed zipper.
A functional side pocket completes
this piece. :) Available in 2 colours!

H10" x W16"

Dark Brown - RM45
Light Brown - RM45

The All-Rounder Tote

Your casual everyday tote!
Versatile and useful to have around the house :D
The perfect accompaniment for those
chill out days while looking awesome.
Available in three adorable colors and desings.

Measurements: H14" x W16"

Black - RM35
Mustard Brown - RM35
Brown - RM35

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Gorgeous grundge chic, brilliantly sculpted
and solid charms dotted with bold black crystals.
Paired with an uber cool mesh chain.
Available in two funky designs.

Hardware: Butterbug

Hardware : Flower

Measurements for both
Chain Length: 75cm
Charm: H2.8cm x W5.6cm

RM30 each *Available

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Stone Edge
Look to the future and channel space-age
cool with this sleek silver and black ensemble.

Total Chain Length: 43cm


Flower Power

Pretty spunk is what comes to mind when
we set our eyes on these playful vibrant flowers.
Comes in two colors!

White - RM18 SOLD

Total Chain Length: 52cm

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Friday, July 24, 2009


The studded craze has literally taken over!
It's on our shoes, our belts, our bags!
Studded socks anyone? :D

Enuf said, C&C has sourced these
beauties from overseas.
The classic ever-so-chic studded leather
bracelet up for grabs! Complete any look with a
splash of sensual rock glam. Only one each ya...
so hurry!

Still A Stud #1

Length : 18cm(adjustable by 3 buttons)


Still A Stud #2

Length : 16cm*extendable


Still A Stud #3

Length : 18cm(adjustable by 3 buttons)


Still A Stud #4

Length: 18cm (adjustable with 3 buttons)


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Tassel Earrings Tassel earrings that hypnotise
with every swish and sway
play it chic with gleaming crystals
set against seamless mesh metals.

Length: 7cm

RM24 Sold

Lovestruck Giraffes

This is seriously cute, adorable
cream giraffes with sweet silver-lined
blingy hearts!

Length(Head to front legs):3cm

RM20 Sold

Dainty Ballerina

Gorgeous piece this one. Graceful and enchanting
dancing ballerinas, accentuated with
dazzling crystals.

Length: 3cm

RM20 Sold


As it's name implies, it's a celebration of funk!
Vibrant to the core, with a fun fun edge.
The most unusual mixtures in this one.
colorful lightweight plastic stone beads,
black plated chain and a spiral hoop.

Length : 7cm


Water Lily

Pretty silver water-lily garden printed
against a glossy black background.
Very cool, very sleek bohemian look
for any occasion.

Diameter : 5cm

RM18 Sold

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Merry Dance

Delightful dance of pretty charms.
From cheerful ladybugs to sleek patent
hearts. Bound to brigthened up the
dreariest days.

Total Chain Length:
Avg Charm Length:

RM 25 *Sold

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Cupcake ManiaThe girliest of girly ensembles.
a sweet sugary pink charm bracelet,
with the yummiest glistening
cupcake topped with a sparkly
red cherry.

Chain Length: 26cm

RM 24 *Sold

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Glit Trip

Three layers of sweet uncomplicated
bling. That will glisten and sparkle
at your every stpe.

Avg Chain Length: 20cm

RM 18

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Bring out your sweet girly side with
a dainty and cute double chain anklet.
Inspired by Blumarine.

Chain Length: 20cm


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bags For NIGHT
With a diary full of parties, events
& Gala dinners. What's a fashinista to do??
Let your creative juices flow with these chic
accompaniments and make that dress pop!

Coach Inspiration

A wrislet inspired by the designs of Coach!
Made with quality faux leader and comes in
a beautiful deep purple colour. The
detachable chain handle is in bronze
to give this piece a cool vintage vibe.

Measurements: H15cm X W22cm


Chanel Inspiration

The popular quilted bag made
famous by Chanel! Sleek and glamorous
in smooth patent faux leather. You definately
can't go wrong with these darlings!
Available in 2 sexy colors and can be used as
a clutch or a shoulder sling bag.

Measurements: H14cm X W26cm

Dark Blue - RM35
Purple - RM35

Pretty Pleats

Offset your ensemble with a funky vibe.
Spunky pleated clutch in vibrant colors that show off
with style, that fun-loving babe you are.
Comes with a detachable long handle.

Measurement: H13.5cm X W23cm

White/Pink -
Blue/Pink -
Purple/Yellow - RM32

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Pearly Whites

A luxurious creation of voluminous pearls.
With an breezy charasmatic bow. Available in
two designs and colours! Black Bow
is paired with multiple layers of 0.5cm(diameter)
faux pearls. While Beige Bow harmonizes
3 layers of pearls of different size
(0.5 cm, 0.8cm and 1cm respectively)

Total Length for both : 90cm

Black Bow - RM25 *2 Available
Beige Bow - RM25 *1 Available

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Back to Black

Super slick and sexy piece. Lovely
fusion of entwined gold coloured chains and
polished black faux pearls. Complete with
a pretty patent bow.*stretchable

Length : 21cm (stretch up to additional 4cm)

*2 Sold,
1 Available

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Pussycat Bow

Frisk up some feminine charm with a
uber adorable little pussycat bow.
Set against a chic structured
mix of black beads and layered chains.

Total Length: 35cm(max 41cm)

*2 Available

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Guy Wonder

Shiny silver coloured pendant with a delicate
cross pattern surrounded by intrincate
detailing(tiny letters). Not your typical everyday
cross necklace. An easy smooth stylish look.

Total Chain Length: 42cm
Pendant Length: 3.8cm



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Pearl Headpiece

Demure double layered pearl
headband. Sweep up those gorgeous locks in
a tasteful, ultra chic look.
Made from lightweight shiny
faux pearls. *stretchable

Total Length : 55cm(max)

RM 20

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trendsetting Triangles

Funky cardi with three toned symmetrical
triangle patterns. Style with substance~
Made from soft cotton, use as cover up or
wear it alone for a sexy urban look.
Fits Size S to M
Available in ....

Grey - 2 Sold
White - Sold
Pink - Sold

RM35 Sold Out

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The Oversized Tee

Loud and quirky Oversized tees! :)
Awesome addition to your wardrobe!
So versatile it can be worn in various ways.
Fits Size S up to L
Available in . . .

Purple - Sold
White - Sold
Grey - Available


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Oh, my Goddess

This dress screams DIVA! Cutting Edge
design with ruffled sleeves. Sexy and
strategic cuts which shows skin in all the
right places. Pair with the highest heels
for a dramatic effect.
Fit S to smaller L
Available in . . .

Black - Sold
Maroon - Sold


*necklace is included :)

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